Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quenche Your Thirst

I just re-read Thirst No. 1 by Christopher Pike. These were my favorite books when I was in high school, and it was nice to read them again. Christopher Pike is one of my favorite authors, his books take you away to whole new worlds.

The Last Vampire is the first of the three books in Thirst. I enjoyed this book a lot. In this book you are introduced to Sita, one of the last vampires left in the world. She is being hunted by someone, and has to fight for her life.

Black Blood follows Sita's struggle to find the source of the mysterious vampire attacks on the city of L.A. To stop the attacks Sita will have to become more powerful than ever.

In Red Dice Sita is confronted by her past, and is given the opportunity she has been waiting a long lifetime for.

I enjoyed reading about Sita's adventures, and getting to know her long life story as the stories progress. I am always surprised by her,  and the stories are suspenseful enough to keep me reading.

Update: So I have been looking over this post since I wrote it wondering why I made it so short, and trying to think of what else I can add too it, since it covers three books and all. I have concluded that although I loved reading these books years ago, I am no longer as into them. I just read the next book, Thrist No. 2, and I don't even feel like reviewing it. It took me forever to read, because I had to make myself read it. It is rare for me to not want to read a book.

I am torn though, becaue these used to be some of my favorite books, and I want to like reading them and  give them a great review. Unfortuanly, I am just not that into them.

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